19 Stories of Boston

A Curated Collection

Take a look back at the unique stories that we uncovered across the Boston area in 2019, including:

-Solving Student Debt with David Chang
-Improving the Commonwealth with Maura Healey
-Hacking Policy with Dell Technologies
-Bodies in Space: The Next Generation of Exploration

ABOUT the collection

As we closed out 2019, a year filled with new initiatives and bold ideas, we reflected on the many stories we collected of Bostonians innovating in the fields of arts, science, and technology through our year-round events, interviews, and conversations.

From scientists designing future space habitats to a best-selling author conducting firsthand research on the impact psychedelics have on the brain, these trailblazers — people like Katherine Clark, Udit Batra, Michael Pollan, and Maura Healey — are just a few examples of Boston's collective brainpower.

Read all 19 stories (plus a special bonus!) to discover how our region is leading the way forward to a brighter future.




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