Breaking Through Impossible

A Leaps by Bayer Escape Game

Do you and your team have what it takes to recover a breakthrough specimen and cure the world’s deadliest cancers? In this escape game, your team must journey to a deep sea research facility where scientists have made a revolutionary breakthrough, just before an emergency evacuation. You’ll only have 20 minutes to recover the Leapsinella luminex bacteria before it's lost forever – so select the smartest, most heuristic people you know or volunteer to join an existing team of scientists to accomplish what few dare to even attempt.

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Breaking through Impossible encapsulates the spirit that drives Leaps by Bayer. Through our investments, we know that achieving breakthroughs takes commitment, bravery, and collaboration. We created an escape game that simulates the rush of landing a biotech moonshot to inspire the Boston biotech community to continue their pursuits of seemingly impossible breakthroughs.

About Leaps by Bayer: Leaps by Bayer is spearheading a movement to make paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences – targeting the breakthroughs that could fundamentally change the world for the better. Our approach is making significant and sustained investments in disruptive biotechnologies that could have the greatest impact on humanity.