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A Roundup Of Takeaways From the HUBweek 2018 Forums

October 16, 2018

This past week, HUBweek hosted a three-day series of Forums exploring the future being built across nine disciplines and featuring some of the world's most compelling leaders. ICYMI: our friends at Boston.com laid out 5 compelling takeaways from each Forum, which we've compiled below for you here–from insights on Alzheimer's to the real dangers of AI.

Let's roll into the roundups:

5 takeaways on the future of health, wellness, and medicine

Experts in Alzheimer’s, technologies and human performance, and marijuana gathered under a tent on City Hall Plaza at HUBweek on Wednesday to share what they’re seeing in their respective fields and what they think comes next.

The day of talks on the future of health, wellness, and medicine is one of three forums being held at the “festival for the future” founded by The Boston Globe, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and MIT.

From health care policy to the opioid epidemic to the legalization of marijuana, here are five takeaways from the different presentations made at the forum.


5 takeaways on the future of data, robotics, and work

Developing the technology behind self-driving cars is one thing, but getting people to trust them? Well, that’s a whole other barrier to work through.

Karl Iagnemma, president of Aptiv Automated Mobility, spoke in depth about the driverless cars the company’s developing during an afternoon forum at HUBweek, where technology and innovation meet art for a week in a festival-type fashion set within Government Center.

On Thursday, HUBweek fused together the worlds of driverless cars, robotics, analytics, and workplace diversity, and featured a conversation with Boston City Councilor and congressional candidate Ayanna Pressley — including details of her (almost) singing career. 

While the day’s events were complex and diverse, here are some of the key points of interest and takeaways.


5 takeaways on the future of cities, energy, and mobility

Focused on the “future of cities, energy, and mobility,” the daylong event included some of the country’s most prominent experts and thinkers involved in shaping the next wave of technology that will impact everything from the macroeconomy to the most elemental aspects of our daily lives. The question, however, isn’t whether there will be major changes, but who they will benefit — and how?

Here are five takeaways from Friday’s discussions.


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