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HUB Madness

HUB Madness 2019: Round One

March 14, 2019


HUB Madness debuted last year and it's back with even more exciting innovations in 2019. There were so many cool projects, artworks, inventions, discoveries, and milestones that came out of the Greater Boston area this past year, that we knew we had to celebrate them. We also couldn't resist the opportunity to get in on some bracket fun and spice things up with a little friendly competition.

To create this year's HUB Madness bracket, we tapped on the local arts, science, and tech communities for nominations. The HUBweek team then narrowed it down to 32 participants, beginning with eight participants in each of the four categories: arts, science, tech, and wildcard. The voting? Well, that's where you come in  cast your votes to help us crown a HUB Madness champion!

For live updates, friendly competition, and plenty of gifs, follow us on Twitter @HUBweek and join in on the digital fun by using #HUBMadness2019.



HUB Madness begins with 32 participants and will be broken down into five voting stages. The voting schedule for these stages is as follows:

Round One: Thursday, March 14 - Wednesday, March 20
Round Two: Thursday, March 21 - Wednesday, March 27
Round Three: Thursday, March 28 - Wednesday, April 3
Round Four: Thursday, April 4 - Wednesday, April 10
Round Five: Thursday, April 11 - Wednesday, April 17

The champion of HUB Madness will then be announced on Thursday, April 18. Keep an eye out on our blog and social media for news of your 2019 champion!



Ready to help us name the coolest thing that came out of Boston this past year? The voting process is simple: just head to our online bracket and vote away! This link is your one stop shop for every round in the bracket.

When voting, you'll have to choose between two participants. They are each represented by an image. Below each image, you'll notice the project's title. Click on that title to learn more about that participant. To cast your vote, just click on the checkmark of whichever project you want to vote for. But how do you know what to vote for? If you find yourself thinking, "Whoa, this is really cool," then you've got yourself a winner.

Keep scrolling to meet the participants in each initial category. Or, if you're ready to vote, head on over to the bracket now.



GLOW Neon Signs in Massachusetts, 1925-70-101  VS@4x Central-Square-Mural-Project-CSBA-MIT-101
Art in Print at Zone 3-101  VS@4x Spiders-Canvas-Arachnodrone-MIT-101
 VS@4x Jagged Little Pill-101
Hamlet 360- Thy Father_s Spirit-101  VS@4x Local Fabric-101



3D-Printed-Gastric-Resident-Electronics-Brigham-Womens-Hospital-Harvard-MIT-1  VS@4x The Children_s Programmable Medicine Initiative-101
Motif Ingredients-101  VS@4x MIT Transiting Exoplant Survey Satellite (TESS)-101
Carbon Free Boston-101  VS@4x Mitochondrial Transplantation-101
What is the Nature of `Oumuamua-101  VS@4x Dearborn-STEM-Academy-101



Embrace2-Empatica-Inc-101  VS@4x AlterEgo-101
Solid-101  VS@4x Modulate Voice Skins-101
121 Seaport-1  VS@4x Spyce-101
Embr Wave-101  VS@4x Google-iRobot-101



New-Generation-of-Femaile-Leadership-101  VS@4x BeeMe-MIT-Media-Lab-101
AI Portraits-101  VS@4x Exploring The Hidden Music-101
Resurrecting the Sublime-101  VS@4x G_Code House-101
Drake and Meek Mill _squashing their beef_ in Boston-101  VS@4x Female Founders Day-101



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