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HubWeek Open Doors: North Station Recap

Written by Zoe Dobuler | May 29, 2019 1:39:28 PM

On Monday, May 20, HubWeek kicked off the first Open Doors event of 2019, presented by BNY Mellon. Our partners Rapid7, TripAdvisor, CBT Architects, Converse, and Night Shift Brewing opened their doors to showcase the innovation taking place in their North Station neighborhood at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

From VR tours of CBT's newest building and discussions about data ethics to listening to a musical composition crafted with hurricane data and enjoying brews at Night Shift's futuristic taproom, it's safe to say it was a jam-packed afternoon. If we took anything away from the day's events, it's that North Station is far from only being the home of the Bruins — it's undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, becoming a bustling hub that's proof of the momentum in the Boston innovation scene. Read on below for five highlights and takeaways:

Art and science aren't mutually exclusive: We started the afternoon at CBT Architects with artists Georgie Friedman and Nathalie Miebach, whose works translate climate and weather data into video, musical, and sculptural pieces and prove that art and science are more intertwined than we might think. "I'm hoping that the divide between art and science — which I don’t like — gets a blurred by more and more people making work with one foot in the artistic world and one foot in scientific world," said Miebach. "But both feet are on firm ground so you can approach a piece from an artistic or scientific angle." 

Keep trust at the forefront of your conversations about data: Over at TripAdvisor, attendees enjoying Staying Human in the Era of Big Data, featuring Nara Logics CEO Jana Eggers, Rapid7 Chief Data Scientist Bob Rudis, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics Civic Research Director Kim Lucas, and DeepHealth CEO Gregory Sorensen. Once a byproduct and now a coveted commodity, big data is transforming all aspects of business and innovation. According to Lucas, “It’s about trust, and asking people what they think and feel about how you use their data. Those are important points of data too.”

Even 10 seconds of mindfulness can reduce stress: Attendees reset for the evening with a program of mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction from the Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine. Although this session lasted an hour, Dr. Darshan Mehta explained that even 10 seconds of mindfulness can have a major impact: "There are changes is brain structure with the relaxation response. If people take a moment to just pause — just a 10 second break — it can be a dramatic life changer." 

Great company culture is in the details: How do you attract — and retain — top-quality talent? It's all about culture. Rapid7's Chief People Officer Christina Luconi, Converse HR Business Partner Stuart Teale, and Converse Director of Employee Communications and Engagement Danielle Sandars are all part of data-driven organizations who have made a living answering questions around how company culture is identified, refined, and scaled as a company grows. "Culture is in the details: It’s about making sure you feel the values and the mission of the company in everything you do,” Luconi told the audience. "It's is more than free food."

Innovation on tap at Night Shift's new taproom: To end the day, we grabbed some brews at Night Shift's new experimental taproom on Lovejoy Wharf. Called the "innovation factory" by the brewery's owners, the new location features a new beer each week, as well as a full menu. Needless to say, it was the perfect spot to wind down, meet up, and check in after a full day of Open Doors events.

Missed North Station Open Doors? Checked it out and want more? We have some good news: More Open Doors events are coming soon in the following neighborhoods. See you there!

June 17: Union Square, Somerville
July 10: Kendall Square, Cambridge
August 19: East Boston
September 9: Dudley Square, Roxbury
November 4: Allston/Brighton