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HUBweek 2018

Immigrant Entrepreneurs from Main Street to Fort Point

December 18, 2018


Boston is home to a thriving innovation ecosystem, and to many foreign-born entrepreneurs who have chosen to continue their studies or found companies here. But in today's often divisive political climate, many have turned inward — and at what cost to our economy? During HUBweek 2018, Vedanta Biosciences co-founder and CEO Bernat Ollie, MIT Chief co-president Min He, Ori co-founder Ivan Fernandez de Casadevante, and Techstars Boston managing director Clement Cazalot discussed their experiences as immigrant entrepreneurs in Boston with local innovation leaders Jody Rose, president of the New England Venture Capital Association, and John Barros, Chief of Economic Development for the City of Boston. The session addressed why Boston's economy, from Main Street to Fort Point, depends heavily on the contributions of immigrants, and what more our community can do to support foreign-born entrepreneurs.

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