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Introducing: The HUBweek Media Stage

October 10, 2018

HUBweek is excited to announce a brand-new venue at the festival this year: the Media Stage. Housed inside the Hall of the Future at The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, the Media Stage will host a daily lineup of free programs on everything from the digital health landscape and the future of medicine to smart homes and the housing crisis. A cross between a newsroom and a living room, the Media Stage is a uniquely intimate space for conversations, book signings, live podcasts, and more.

Can't make it to The HUB? Many Media Stage programs will be streamed live to our Facebook page, and we'll be sharing footage of all the programs after the festival.

Stop by the Hall of the Future throughout HUBweek, Wednesday, Oct. 10 through Saturday, Oct. 13, or head to the HUBweek Facebook page to experience these and other programs:

Wednesday, October 10

11:00-11:15am: The Massachusetts Digital Health Marketplace

Laurance Stuntz, Director of the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech, will discuss the efforts that MeHI and the Massachusetts digital health community are taking help improve market transparency to make it easier for digital health customers to access innovative solutions to their problems.


11:15-11:30am: Technology and the End-of-Life Planning: How Cake is Changing Our Relationship with Death

100% of people die, but only about 1 in 4 people plan for it. Cake Co-Founder and CEO, Suelin Chen, will discuss how new technologies can make planning easier and more accessible.


11:45am-12:15pm: Funding in Digital Health

Join Hitesh Tolani, CEO of Virtudent and Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Principal at .406 Ventures, for a discussion on funding in digital health.


12:15-12:45pm: Lunch with an Artist: Pat Falco

Join Leonie Bradbury, HUBweek's Director of Art and Creative Initiatives, for a daily interview with a HUBweek artist. On Wednesday, she'll be joined by Pat Falco, one of the creators of the Luxury Waters Mobile Incubator container.


1:30-2:00pm: The Future of Academic Medicine and Research

Join Betsy Nabel, MD, President of Brigham Health for a conversation on the future of academic medicine and research. Moderated by Gideon Gil, Managing Editor, STAT News. 


3:30-4:00pm: Maximizing Productivity with Human Centric Lighting

José Ramos, Business Innovation Manager for OSRAM’s Innovation Americas, and Bill Jacobson, founder of Workbar, will discuss the importance of human centric lighting (HCL) in office environments. HCL can significantly improve health, overall wellbeing, and productivity by providing our bodies with light that mimics the changes of natural daylight. How is light affecting you? 


4:00-4:30pm: Book Signing with Ruth Pointer

Join singer-songwriter and author Ruth Pointer of The Pointer Sisters for a signing of Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister.


5:00-5:30pm: The Future of Academic Medical Education

Katrina Armstrong, Physician-in-Chief at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses the future of academic medical education with Mallika Marshall, HealthWatch Reporter for WBZ-TV.


Thursday, October 11

8:30-9:00am: Eats & Ideas: How Thinking Like a Designer—and a Patient—is Helping Pfizer Kendall Square Scientists Tackle Autoimmune Disease 

Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, alopecia areata, and Crohn’s disease have complex effects on patients of all ages. In addition to causing often severe physical discomfort and pain, these diseases take a serious toll on mental, emotional, and social quality of life. Perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that the biology driving these inflammatory diseases is just as complex. Join Cambridge-based Michael Vincent, SVP and Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer’s Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit, and Charlotte Allerton, Pfizer’s Head of Medicine Design, in a fireside chat to hear about how research in a process known as the JAK/STAT pathway has revealed the incredible biological nuance behind autoimmune disorders, as well as opportunities to design medicines to target them. 

Please note that this session is a part of the HUBweek Forums, and is available to Insider and Concierge Pass holders.  


9:30-9:45am: Smart Home of the Future

What will our homes look like in 10 years? In 50? Join Luiz Vieira, President and Managing Director of EMD Performance Materials for a discussion on the smart homes of the future, and the materials that will make them possible.


11:45am-12:15pm: New Art Avenue: A Creative Approach to Boston's Cultural District

Join Kara Elliott-Ortega, Boston's Chief of Arts and Culture and Philip Barash, Fellow at The Boston Foundation as they announce a new landmark cultural plan for the Avenue of the Arts in Boston.


12:15-12:45pm: Lunch with an Artist: Rashin Fahandej

Join Leonie Bradbury, HUBweek's Director of Art and Creative Initiatives, for a daily interview with a HUBweek artist. On Thursday, she'll be joined by Rashin Fahandej, a Boston Artist-in-Residence and creator of the A Father’s Lullaby installation at HUBweek. 


1:30-1:45pm: Talking Tech with MassMutual

Join Keia Cole, Head of Digital Experience and Sears Merritt, Head of Data Science, Chief Data Scientist at MassMutual for a conversation on MassMutual's innovation, expansion into Boston, and the company's culture and talent needs.


1:45-2:00pm:  Transforming the Shopping Experience with AR/VR and 3D Modeling

Wayfair has always been on the forefront of innovation, reimagining what is possible in retail. With a core focus on enhancing the shopping experience for its customers, Wayfair is rapidly redefining the way people shop for their homes.
Rebecca Perry, Engineering Lead of Wayfair Next Research, will discuss how her work enables visual inspiration and discovery experiences that lets customers more effectively bring their design vision to life, when shopping for home, from home. Rebecca will share how Wayfair is setting industry standards in 3D modeling and visualization, and in building innovative applications that are transforming the way people shop for their homes.
2:45-3:00pm: AI in the Insurance Industry

Join Liberty Mutual's Gillian Armstrong, Technologist and John Heveran, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Global Risk Solutions for a discussion about how artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize the insurance industry. 


3:15-4:30pm: Hub & Spoke Live Podcasting

Join podcasters from the Hub & Spoke collective for their first ever live recording of five member shows. 

3:15-3:30pm: Ministry of Ideas, hosted by Zachary Davis: Ministry of Ideas is a small podcast about the big ideas that shape our world.

3:30-3:45pm: Soonish, hosted by Wade Roush: Soonish argues that the future is shaped by technology—but technology is shaped by us.

3:45-4:00pm: Iconography, hosted by Charles Gustine: Iconography is a history show about the touchstones that define our places and our culture.  

4:00-4:15pm: The Lonely Palette, hosted by Tamar Avishai: The Lonely Palette returns art history to the masses, one painting at a time.

4:15-4:30pm: Hi-Phi Nation, hosted by Barry Lam: Hi-Phi Nation is the first story-driven, narrative podcast on contemporary philosophy.


4:30-5:00pm: The Future of AI in the Banking Industry

Join Miceal Chamberlain, Massachusetts President, Bank of America and David Eaves, Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School for a conversation about artificial intelligence in banking.


Friday, October 12

Can Boston be Carbon Neutral by 2050?


The City of Boston has set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 25% over 2005 levels by 2020 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Achieving this milestone will require collaboration among a variety of sectors, including transportation, energy and infrastructure, as well as a longevity of vision. Join Russ Koble, Communications Manager Advanced Technology, Toyota Motor North America for a conversation about the climate future in Boston and beyond.


11:45am-12:00pm: Venture Capital: Driving the Future of Medicine

Join Dr. Anne Pritchett, Senior Vice President, PhRMA for a conversation on PhRMA's new venture capital report, and about the impact of investing on the future of medicine.


12:15-12:45pm: Lunch with an Artist

Join Leonie Bradbury, HUBweek's Director of Art and Creative Initiatives, for a daily interview with a HUBweek artist. On Wednesday, she'll be joined by Dan Borelli, artist and creator of the We the Publics  installation at HUBweek.


12:45-1:00pm: Affording the New Era of Medicine

What bold innovations are on the horizon to increase drug access and expand affordability? Join 
Robby Zirkelbach, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, PhRMA for a conversation about the biopharmaceutical supply chain and the next frontiers in drug production.


2:15-3:00pm: Creating Resilient Communities Through War and Disaster 

Join three powerhouse architects and designers for a discussion about the future of housing in the face of growing human migration and displacement due to violence, famine, persecution, and climate change. The aim of this session is to make visible the voices, movements, and activities of those living in at-risk neighborhoods, temporary encampments, or other impermanent “permanent” shelters due to these factors in Boston, Haiti, Lebanon, and more. Featuring Rob Freni, Director of Architecture, Building Health International (BHI); Natasha Espada AIA, LEED BD+C, Principal, STUDIO ENÉE architects; and Patricia Seitz AIA, Professor and Head of Graduate Architecture Program, MassArt.


3:00-4:00pm: Bespoke Bodies: the Design & Craft of Prosthetics

Design Museum Boston will preview our next major exhibition, Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics. Opening remarks by the Museum's Executive Director, Sam Aquillano, will be followed by a short panel of Hanger Clinic patients who will discuss their experience with limb difference and prosthetic devices. 


Saturday, October 13

12:15-12:30pm: Lunch with an Artist

Join Leonie Bradbury, HUBweek's Director of Art and Creative Initiatives, for a daily interview with a HUBweek artist.


1:15-1:45pm: Collaboration and the Future of Pharmaceutical Research

Historically, pharmaceutical research was an insular activity that took place largely within a company’s walls. Fast forward to 2018, and research and development increasingly takes part within a network of collaborators working in tandem across industry and academic divides. Now, collaboration between public and private entities, among multiple Pharma partners, and between Pharma and biotech are much more common. This is especially the case in Boston, with over 300 companies in the local biotech ecosystem and over 1800 drug candidates from Massachusetts in clinical studies. Listen to an exclusive conversation between Cambridge-based Barbara Sosnowski, Pfizer’s Global Head of External Partnerships and David Shields, Executive Director of Pfizer’s East Coast Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, discussing how the R&D network model encourages multidisciplinary collaboration across the innovation ecosystem between scientists, and how that’s influenced how medicines are discovered today. 


1:45-2:15pm: Makers Shaping Tangible Futures

Speakers: Monique Fuchs, AVP, Innovation + Entrepreneurship/Founder, Accelerate
Wentworth Institute of Technology; Fady Saad, Co-Founder, MassRobotics; Lauren Monroe, Co-Executive Director, Technocopia; Denise Wallace-Spriggs, Costume Crafts Artisan, Huntington Theatre Company


HUBweek is a festival for the future that explores innovation at the intersections of art, science and technology. Founded by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and MIT, HUBweek is a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration that brings together the most creative and inventive minds in making an impact in Boston and around the world. Grab your pass today to experience HUBweek 2018!

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