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Manifest Boston: What's your story?

February 6, 2020

Over the past 5 years, HubWeek has been a source of inspiration, innovation, and connection for Greater Boston. Today, we are expanding our reach and impact with the launch of Manifest Boston.

As we look to the future, a "New Boston" is emerging, fueled by the energy of those who believe there is no better place to build a legacy, grow a business, or uncover a breakthrough.

With Manifest Boston, our mission is to be the voice of that New Boston. To tell the stories of the doers, dreamers, and makers committed to building a better future through the events you’ve come to know and love — like our flagship HubWeek Fall Festival — as well as with new content and experiences throughout the year. 

We’ve learned firsthand that bringing people together — to tell their stories and collaborate — leaves them nourished with a renewed sense of purpose for their daily life. This remains our focus and commitment to the community we’ve built.

But the most rewarding piece of this next chapter is the role you play.  

In the past two weeks alone, I’ve met partners and friends who are forging a new path in their industries in creative and impactful ways:
  • The CMO of a footwear company taking a bold path toward sustainability,
  • An artist documenting our local water ecosystem through images worthy of a gallery,
  • A first-time chef and her wife launching a pop-up restaurant with just word of mouth,
  • An author of a book dedicated to understanding the future of our species and what that means for humanity,
  • And a medical device executive empowering clinicians and patients with data and artificial intelligence.

These are the stories we want to tell. It is a privilege to witness your journeys and give you the opportunity to share your ideas with one another. The strength of this new endeavor will be driven by our passion for collaboration and the desire to foster deep connections.

Manifest Boston will be the heartbeat of the city, where the future is what we build together.

Join us,

Jen Reddy
President, Manifest Boston

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