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Manifest Mornings: A Conversation with Libby DeLana

Written by Lindsay Gearheart | Apr 2, 2020 4:17:37 PM

In this time of uncertainty, we believe staying connected is a simple way to keep positive and continue moving forward. That's why we put on our first-ever virtual event this week as part of our new Manifest Mornings series. To kick things off, Manifest Boston President Jen Reddy spoke with Libby DeLana, Creative Director and Co-founder of Mechanica, and creator of #thismorningwalk.

Libby shared the story of how she began, at age 50, her "radical act" of taking a walk every morning for eight miles. She's documented the experience each day for the past eight years on her Instagram account @parkhere with the hashtag #thismorningwalk. By walking the same route every day, Libby finds a way to truly see things, not just look at them. As an art director, the visual world is important to her work, and this meditative practice helps her slow down and focus her vision.

Rain or shine, Libby has committed to taking this walk, and has found that the days she didn’t want to go out have been some of the most meaningful. These walks are when she's had the most learning, understanding, and compassion for herself. Her practice is an emotional experience, as much as it is physical.

"These walks have become my best friend. They’re essential in my life," said Libby.

So what can each of us take away from Libby's practice? 

  • Commitment is powerful. Figuring out what matters to you and committing to it can be as satisfying as the activity itself.
  • Stay curious about what's possible. Daily habits offer opportunities to notice new things about familiar subjects.
  • Push yourself even when you don't feel like it. Those days can offer the biggest rewards.
  • Habits are born of repetition. For Libby, it takes 25 days to truly make a habit. Keep repeating and time will pass.
  • Start small. There's enough to feel overwhelmed about right now. Choose a practice that's manageable for you.

Missed out on our chat with Libby? Not to worry — you can watch a recording of the conversation below and register to join us for the next Manifest Morning here. After you catch up (maybe while taking your own morning walk!), we recommend listening to Libby's personal playlist of songs for each of the last eight years in which she's been walking:

  • 2012: Lights, Ellie Goulding
  • 2013: Old Pine, Ben Howard
  • 2014: Happy, Pharrell
  • 2015: The Times They Are A-Changing, Bob Dylan
  • 2016: Work, Rihanna
  • 2017: Dirty Old Town, Craig Cardiff
  • 2018: 22, A million Bon Iver
  • 2019: Light On, Maggie Rogers
  • 2020: Know Your Worth, Kahlid