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Robots and Drones Take Flight at HUBweek

Written by Kate Clinton | Oct 10, 2018 10:13:14 PM

Robots, drones and AI innovations are in the spotlight at HUBweek this week!

We’ve partnered with organizations like iRobot, Amazon Robotics, and MassRobotics to showcase the future of AI, robotics and related industries through panel discussions and chats with some of the leading experts at the forefront of innovation.

Robots have become a pop culture fixture, from blockbuster movies to documentaries to YouTube videos focused on aerial footage from drones around neighborhoods. These new technologies are rapidly shaping the way we interact with one another and view governments and businesses. The looming debate is focused on what role AI will play in our future, how it will impact the way we work and what regulation is needed—and these are some of the themes we’re tackling at HUBweek.

We’re offering attendees numerous opportunities to explore the future of robotics and AI, among them:

Are Humanoids the Answer?

Thursday, October 11, 4:45PM

First, it took over the internet, now it's taking the stage at HUBweek. Say hello to Boston Dynamics 'Spot Mini robot as he accompanies Marc Raibert, the company’s founder CEO, for a live demo and discussion on the potential of humanoid robots to revolutionize everything we know–from manufacturing to mobility.

The Future of Data • Robotics • Work

The HUB, Center Stage

Thursday, October 11, 9:00AM-5:30PM

● A series of conversations with robotics experts including Chief Technologist Officer of Amazon Robotics Tye Brady

● Karl Iagnemma, President and Co-Founder, nuTonomy, on the future of self driving cars

● Artificial Intelligence, Real Life with Gillian Armstrong, Technologist at Liberty Mutual Insurance and leading thinkers in the AI space on how it will shape our productivity, psychology, and culture

Robot Block Party

The HUB Presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance,

Sunday, October 14, 10:00AM-5:00PM

As part of Future Innovators Day, dozens of robots will descend on The HUB for the 2nd annual Robot Block Party, curated in partnership with MassRobotics. Bring your family to check out the latest in robotics and experience exciting demos of the products that will shape our future.

“At Liberty Mutual we have been exploring artificial intelligence and the possibilities it holds. AI is much more than just a technology concern - it sits at the intersection of technology, neurology, psychology and philosophy. It challenges us to think about what it means to be human,” says Gillian Armstrong, Technologist at Liberty Mutual Insurance. “I’m really excited to be attending HUBweek where the diversity of thought and interaction between so many creative and innovative humans will allow us the opportunity to really dive into some of the big questions. AI has huge potential to improve lives - but it’s going to take a blend of disciplines for us to fully take advantage of that.”

According to Brendan Ryan, HUBweek’s executive director, “Massachusetts is a world leader in robotics. This year, we’ve partnered with the organizations that are at the forefront of this innovation to curate a number of experiences for our attendees to learn about and engage with the technologies that are impacting their lives. We look forward to sharing a glimpse into the future and to hosting provocative conversations on the possibilities and ethical impacts of these technologies.”

Check out the sessions highlighted above to learn more about robots, drones and other automation advances—and what they might mean for our future.