Manifest Boston Stories

Session Roundup: Entrepreneurship

Written by Zoe Dobuler | Jun 28, 2019 11:30:00 AM

HubWeek 2019 is just four months away! We know — we can't believe it either. With this year's festivities on the horizon, we're taking a look back some of our favorite sessions from past festivals. 

In this collection, you'll find videos about all things entrepreneurship — from an exploration of the startup landscape in Boston to an introduction to funding types to a real-life game of Cards Against Humanity featuring some of our region's most successful female founders. Whether you're starting your first venture or selling your hundredth, these videos contain insights and inspiration just for you.

Intro to Startups & Entrepreneurship Boston


Boston’s startup landscape has exploded over the last two decades. Once-small, homegrown companies like Wayfair, HubSpot, TripAdvisor, and Vertex have grown into industry giants, and newcomers like FormLabs, Catalant, and Ginkgo Bioworks are poised to continue Boston’s tradition of fostering innovative, high-growth companies. In a conversation during HubWeek’s 2017 Demo Day, media and startup experts explored the roots of Boston’s startup economy and dove into how Massachusetts became a hub of innovation. Who are the founders, investors, and leaders you need to know, and what local resources do they rely on to succeed?


I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss: Women Entrepreneurs Get Real


Female entrepreneurs often face a unique set of challenges. Join the Alliance for Business Leadership and three dynamic female founders for a fun, interactive card game that highlights how they find success and cope with failure. How have they turned obstacles into opportunities? How do they continue to innovate in their businesses? What have they learned along the way?


Immigrant Entrepreneurs from Main Street to Fort Point


Are we a stronger city and economy because of our historic openness to immigration or should we close the borders and restrict access? What happens to the economy if we are more restrictive, or more open? What is the impact on jobs, employers, and economic growth? This HubWeek 2018 session addressed why Boston's economy, from Main Street to Fort Point, depends heavily on immigrants, why the implications of restricting immigration are grim, and what more can be done to support immigrant entrepreneurs.


Growing a Startup in Boston: Challenges and Advantages


Boston has unique advantages and drawbacks for entrepreneurs. During HubWeek’s 2017 Demo Day, Boston startup founders recounted their entrepreneurial experiences. What makes Boston a friendly place for startups? Where did they run into challenges and how did they problem-solve? What is their advice for other founders setting off on their own entrepreneurial journeys? 


An Introduction to Funding Types


Raising funding is perhaps the most important and stressful part of starting a business. In this session during HubWeek’s 2017 Demo Day, top VCs and startup experts explored the differences between funding types, from seed to venture capital to angel to crowdfunding — and the pros and cons of each. When and how much should founders be looking to raise? What do you have to give in return? When does it make sense to forgo outside funding and try to bootstrap an idea into a successful company? 


Founders Talking About Failure


For every startup success story, there are a litany of stories about failure. Sometimes it comes down to pure luck or circumstance, other times there are strategic errors or unforeseen pitfalls that can make or break a company. In a frank discussion during HubWeek’s 2017 Demo Day, founders told stories of readjusting, pivoting, laying off workers, and even making the difficult decision to shut. What have they learned and what would they do differently (or not) if they could do it over again? How have they applied these learnings in new ventures?