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Top 5: Instagram Accounts Keeping Us Sane

March 24, 2020

Now more than ever, we at Manifest Boston are turning to media that makes us feel hopeful and inspired versus scared and anxious. It's hard to strike a balance as the need to be informed is critical. For us, having a few places where we can still be reminded of beautiful places and friendly voices has been helpful.

If you're in need of the same medicine, take a look at some of the Instagram accounts we're following:

  • Rose Kennedy Greenway: Public spaces, filled with art, nature, and happy Bostonians. Simply the best type of visual content.
  • Boston Foodies: Pizza, pasta, brunch, dessert — need we say more? Tiffany Lopinsky's dining adventures remind us of all our favorite Boston-area haunts.
  • Steven Watson, the Pied Dog Walker: This professional dog walker's puppy pics often appear perfectly posed in classic Boston locations and always bring a smile to our faces.
  • Boston Seaport: The Seaport, or the Innovation District, is not only home to our HubWeek fall festival. It's also home to small businesses, public art, culture, and community on Boston's waterfront.
  • Only in Boston: News, jokes, and public sights unique to Boston. A good reminder that we're all in this together.

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out a few of our President Jen Reddy's favorite accounts. From Jen:

  • Paul Nicklen: Beautiful imagery of sea life, sea adventurers and places I hope to visit one day. Paul is an incredible human.
  • Chris Burkard: If you came to the Fall Festival last year, you know how charming and talented this guy is. He is a brilliant photographer and storyteller.
  • The Outbound Collective: Basically my go-to place to plan my next adventure and dream about new travel locations.
  • Accidentally Wes Anderson:  I have a tiny obsession with Wes Anderson and how he sees the world. This account is a beautiful "fan" account.
  • Design Boom: Ideas, design, content that blows my mind and inspires new thoughts.

If there are other accounts bringing you peace that we must see, send them our way! 

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