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Top 5: Virtual Museums

March 13, 2020

With all that's happening in the world, it's possible you've found yourself holed up at home, searching for ways to stay connected and inspired. We're here to offer a few ideas.

This blog is the first in a series of posts we'll share highlighting some of our favorite things to watch, read, listen to, and discover. Let's kick things off with five art museums you can explore from the comfort of your couch:

Museum of Fine Arts Boston - Starting with a Boston favorite (and you don't even need to take the T to get there!), the MFA has 16 exhibits online to transport you away from your apartment and into their collection. You can view an array of exhibitions ranging from 21st Century Designer Fashion to Art by African Americans. 


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The Metropolitan Museum of Art - It's not quite a stroll up the stairs of New York City's famous MET, but it is 26 incredible exhibits online for you to browse. For fashion lovers, you won't want to miss exhibits of famous designers from Coco Chanel to Elsa Schiparelli and many more. The online gallery also features some well-known exhibits from A New Look at Vermeer, along with some behind-the-scenes looks at their museums. 


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Guggenheim - Moving right along from one New York museum to the next, the Guggenheim offers an amazing selection of its artists' work online. Its catalog of artists showcases 1,700 of its 8,000 pieces, providing a wide offering to peruse while you're cozied up with a blanket and coffee. 


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The Louvre - You don't need to wander the streets of Paris to see some of the most sought-after art in the world. The Louvre offers virtual tours of its Egyptian Antiques exhibit, The Remains of the Louvre Moat, and the Galerie d'Apollon. 


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National Women's History Museum - In celebration of Women's History Month, we're finishing off our list with a museum that honors women's distinctive history in the U.S. It prioritizes telling the stories of women throughout time who have worked to empower and inspire others through exhibits like The Women of NASA and Women in the Olympics. Its website is filled with interviews and articles about women who were (and are) pioneers in their fields.


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