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Top 5: Boston Restaurants to Support

March 17, 2020

I remember going to NYC five months after 9/11. It was my birthday, and I went with two friends to celebrate and check in on the city we all loved. It was still recovering, with many businesses fighting to stay afloat and the hardest hit being restaurants. We decided to spend all our money in the places we thought needed it most: Soho, LES, Tribeca.

I still remember those dinners and the love and gratitude we felt from the bartenders, servers and owners. We, like so many others, were a sign of rebirth. That people would come back and share stories over a meal and rebuild together… however long it took.

As we move through this pandemic, it’s hard to forget those who are hardest hit. The people who create environments for connection and celebration are now facing incredible uncertainty, like all of us are.

Spring is coming. I saw proof yesterday with daffodils poking out everywhere in my backyard. Today is a good day to look ahead and plan where you will return to and make new memories once we have put this behind us.

These are some of my favorite places where you can buy a gift card or grab takeout while we weather the storm:

  • Coppa: 617-391-0902 - This tiny gem in the South End never disappoints. Pro tip: Play hooky from lunch during the week in the summer and grab one of their outside tables around 1 p.m.  It’s the perfect place to linger.
  • Tiger Mama: 617-425-6262 - Delicious food with a side of sass. Spicy, fun and interesting dishes you’ll find yourself addicted to. The perfect takeout for a Netflix binge.
  • Fox & The Knife: 617-766-8630 - Fairly new to the scene, but making a big impression. If you’re looking for some fresh pasta and sauce to hunker down with, they can hook you up.
  • Shy Bird: 617-714-4200 - They make the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. And their sides are delish.
  • Bar Mezzana: 617-530-1770 - It’s a good thing I don’t live in the South End, because I would eat here every night. The owners are lovely and make you feel like family. Grab a gift card and treat yourself.

There are so many I could add to this list, but I’d love to hear where YOU are plotting to return this spring. Let’s keep this going in the comments!

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