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Top 5: Resources to Help You Cope

Written by Lindsay Gearheart | Apr 29, 2020 8:08:07 PM

Headlines and news feeds are asking more questions than providing answers these days. Expressions of grief, anxiety, and confusion are more visible than those of excitement, gratitude, or joy. We know it's hard to feel optimistic about the days ahead, and we want to support this community so we all can move forward together. 

Below is a list of resources from Massachusetts-based organizations for people who are finding themselves in a challenging spot and looking for ways to cope. 

  1. Mind-Body Medicine in the Time of COVID-19 - The leaders at the Benson-Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital offer some immediate relief and also powerful long-term health benefits through mind-body medicine. Fighting the stress response with the relaxation response can be as simple as practicing for 10 minutes or so per day. Dr. Benson guides you through the method in this video.
  2. Maintaining Emotional Health & Well-Being - Did you know that decreasing stress can help bolster your immune system? Not only can it keep you healthy, but its good for others around you too. These resources from are aimed at helping you reduce stress and cope in a healthy way. There are tips for combatting isolation and loneliness, resources for stigma and discrimination prevention, and multilingual COVID-19 resources.
  3. Coronavirus and Family Mental Health - Familial relationships are being put to the test in this time of constant togetherness. The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Mass General has created guides to managing your emotional well-being along with that of your children, including a video on how to talk to your kids about coronavirus, a handbook on parenting through community crises and disasters, and more. 
  4. Supporting Children and Youth - As an advocate for access to mental health resources for all children in Massachusetts, the Children's Mental Health Campaign has created a bank of resources for families, communities, and providers to use in supporting the mental health needs of children and youth. Topics addressed range from supporting children experiencing trauma to mental health and substance-use considerations. 
  5. Guide for Providers During COVID-19 - This set of curated resources from the Department of Psychiatry at Mass General was developed with providers and those they serve in mind. From general mental health and coping to support for specific mental health conditions, these expert recommendations provide useful strategies you can practice at home. 

Please keep in mind that these resources are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. We encourage you to seek the advice of a qualified health provider for further assistance.