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Just Two Weeks Until the HubWeek 2019 Fall Festival

Written by Lindsay Gearheart | Sep 19, 2019 9:41:23 PM

With our 2019 Fall Festival just two weeks away, our schedule is live and the excitement among our team members is through the roof. As we prepare to celebrate the fifth anniversary of HubWeek, we're looking forward to welcoming thousands of attendees for conversations and experiences that embody the innovation taking place across a number of industries in Boston and beyond — including conservation, cannabis, LGBT, emerging tech, film, and more.

"The future is being built here in Boston, and HubWeek is just a distillation of the city's brainpower. This city produces some of the strongest minds in art, science, and technology, and has proven to be a hub for global collaboration," said Linda Pizzuti Henry, co-founder of HubWeek. "Through HubWeek, we hope to inspire an entire community year over year in order to broaden their horizons and uncover what's possible while working together toward changing what is considered impossible."

This year's curated programming and experiences center around the idea of the pursuit — a driving force that can be found in all change makers striving to change the conversation and disrupt the status quo. The Festival's programming is designed to engage and inspire curious minds with four tracks that reflect the world we live in — the pursuit of change, the unknown, connection and inspiration — with the hope that learnings will lead to action.

"In order to truly make an impact on some of today's most pressing challenges, it's important to bring different perspectives together," says Jürgen Eckhardt, Head of Leaps by Bayer. "Tackling societal issues through open collaboration is a cornerstone of our values at Leaps by Bayer, and is a major reason why we are thrilled to join thousands of the city's voices, right in Boston's Seaport."

You'll start your journey this year at "The Lot." It's the beating heart of the Fall Festival — a place where you can run into new friends and check out art installations, murals, and participatory works by Boston-based artists. Race the clock at the Breaking Through Impossible escape game, lose yourself in the Playground of Empathy, and catch a demo or live performance as you take your 10 a.m. call.

You can find the full lineup of speakers and experiences on the agenda. Below is just a taste of what we've got in store this year:

  • Rethinking the Planet’s Future with a Conservation Legend: Join an intimate conversation with one of HubWeek’s keynote speakers, Kristine Tompkins, President of the Tompkins Conversation, about protecting the places we love, leading a profitable company with a positive impact, and what’s giving her hope for the future.
  • Bodies in Space: The Next Generation of Exploration: From the first photograph of a black hole, the life of a NASA astronaut candidate, the future of space tourist habitats, Boston scientists have long been at the forefront of space exploration, and now, a new generation of explorers is achieving groundbreaking advancements in the field. Hear firsthand what's next at a thought-provoking discussion with scientists from Harvard University, Mass General Hospital, and MIT.
  • Breaking Barriers for Women at Work: Join the conversation as podcast co-host and Harvard Business Review Editor Amy Bernstein leads a discussion with Endeavor CMO Bozoma Saint John about her experiences, lessons learned, and the advice she wishes she’d been given along the way.
  • A More Inclusive Future: Transgender Health, Culture, and Policy: Hear a panel discussion with Boston experts in transgender health, culture, and policy focused on how we can create a healthy, inclusive and welcoming community for transgender and non-binary individuals. 

Registration is open and tickets can be purchased here - once you've grabbed your pass, you can start building your agenda and saving your seat for the sessions that interest you most.

Have questions? We've got answers - get the lowdown on all things Fall Festival in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).