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What We’re Manifesting (Virtually)

March 30, 2020

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what the world will be like when we emerge from this pandemic. How will we socialize post-COVID-19? What new products will become “must haves” that didn’t exist before? Will designers and artists show us a new view of the world? Will my Amazon purchases remain this high?!!

What I do believe will remain is our need to connect with our community and process all we are experiencing. Community can mean so many things and come from so many different places: your neighborhood, your Instagram followers, your Houseparty friends, your city. For the past three weeks, our team at Manifest Boston has been reimagining how we can nurture community differently to keep us connected and optimistic. 

This week, I’m excited to announce three new ways for us to engage and share with one another. These events come in different flavors and are designed to bring us together at the intersection of art/science/technology to learn and be inspired. 

Manifest Mornings  – Thursdays starting April 2: It’s more important than ever to find new ways to stay connected. This weekly series will kick off your morning with a story that inspires you. Join us Thursdays at 8:00 AM ET for 45 minutes of virtual conversation designed to help you:

  • Stay informed and inspired with ideas, tips, and advice from our innovative community.
  • Build and celebrate a Boston area network of people going through the same things as you.
  • Feel less isolated during our current situation — and beyond.

Manifest at Home – Monday, April 6 - Friday, April 10: Supporting local artists is critical during these times. Manifest at Home is sponsoring Boston area creatives — artists, musicians, writers, and more — to perform for you (virtually!) with a week’s worth of 45-minute evening sessions for you to choose from. Each artist is compensated for their work and has the opportunity to engage with our growing community while showcasing their talents. Join us for five days of learning and creativity from Monday, April 6 to Friday, April 10 — come to one, two, or all!

NEO.LIFE + Manifest Boston – Thursday, April 9: Join us for an evening of unscripted, interactive conversation about our potential biological futures with Boston-based contributors to the new book NEO.LIFE: 25 Visions for the Future of our Species. Jane Metcalfe will co-host this event with me and moderate a discussion with George Church, Juan Enriquez, and Christina Agapakis, among others.

Join us — then tell us what you think! Our focus is on connection vs perfection. Your feedback is critical as we move to the digital world and experiment at every step. See you online….

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