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Calling all partners, collaborators, and change makers! Calling all artists, researchers, activists, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and tech superstars! 

HubWeek 2019 is fast approaching, and we want you to be there. Not only in the audience, but on stage, too. 

HubWeek’s 2019 Fall Festival is a place where people pursuing something bigger than themselves can come together to share their stories of purpose and change. It’s a playground for inspiration and connection, and an opportunity for us to imagine, dream, and build a better future.

With our Call for Submissions, we’re shining a light on innovators like you who are pursuing world-changing ideas and solutions: We’re putting you center stage — literally. This stage is all about highlighting what’s unique and exciting about Boston. It is dedicated to community voices. Dedicated to our city. Dedicated to the researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, civic leaders, writers, and artists who call the Hub their home. (Hint: This means you.) 

The stories on this stage are told from the heart and from the trenches of innovation. They’re your stories of inspiration, troubleshooting, failure, and aha! moments, and a proud presentation of your most successful project or biggest learning experience. 

So, think about it: What project, success story, lesson, or discovery does the world need to know about? Have you been working on a technology that’s making the world more equitable? Are you a community organizer rethinking our cities and building new pathways for economic empowerment? Are you an entrepreneur whose startup will revolutionize our future? Or maybe you’re an artist who works at the intersection of biochemistry and sculpture. Or an oncologist focused on healthcare access. Either way, the stage is yours. Yours is the voice of HubWeek, and we’re proud to share your stories. 

Today we’re opening our Call for Submissions — a portal where you can send in your ideas for this community-sourced stage. The application can be found here and will be open through August 16. You can find more details about the opportunity here

A selection committee of panelists from across Greater Boston with specialties in tech, arts, science, civic engagement, and more will help us program the stage from your submissions. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by the end of August. 

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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