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Top 5: What to Do When Quarantine Ends

April 8, 2020

When the stay-at-home order was extended to April 30, this post that started as a list of things to do in my near future turned, instead, into something to look forward to when the order lifts... in however many units of time in the future that ends up taking. (Has time seemed to not mean anything for anyone else right now?)*

  1. Process. It’s going to be a different world. It’s almost guaranteed that someone you know  or someone a friend knows will have been personally and forever affected by COVID-19. It’s okay to grieve. For friends. For families. For lost wages. For our changed lives.
  2. Get a haircut, manicure, massage, beard trim, tattoo. Visit the service salons and locales that had to close down during quarantine — their staff are often independent contractors which makes unemployment complicated. Not only will your hair look way better than however the heck you chose to trim it while stuck inside, but the more we can bolster the local economy, the faster the larger economy will come back from its dip.
  3. Eat, Drink, Be Merry! I’m doing quite a lot of the first two while staying at home, but how much more fun it will be to do these things with others! Happy hour with dates, dinner with friends, or coffee with co-workers. I know where Manifest Boston President Jen Reddy will be going. Me? I’m heading straight to Tres Gatos  for tapas, vinyl, and lots and lots of gorgeous wine. And, bonus, with the weather warming up, our first meal out might be al fresco.
  4. Give your kids away. If you’re like me, you’ve already been stuck at home for hours on end longer than at any time you can remember. You guys need a break  from each other. Trust me. No one is supposed to be with their families this much. I really love my kids. I do. They’ve  made me laugh more than anything these last few weeks. They’ve also made me want to self-lobotomize to stop the sound of whinging. Again. About the 334875th snack today. So — as soon as that order lifts — get rid of them! (temporarily) Send them to camp! Send them on playdates! (You should probably host one or two for good measure.) If they’re old enough, just send them OUT. Note well: This does NOT apply to front line workers, essential employees and co-parents who haven’t seen their kids since before the stay-at-home orders were instated. These families should spend as much time together as humanly possible, making up for hundred
    s of lost hugs.
  5. Gather. In  public spaces. At sporting events. While listening to live music. Getting fit. The right to gather and to have access to outdoor space was never so apparent as it is now. Who knew how much we’d miss access to playgrounds and parks, squares and promenades? Well, now we know better. COVID-19 is not likely to ever go away. But thanks to the intense surge of energy pouring into treatments and cures, we can envision a time when it isn’t nearly as frightening to be together.

*Please wait until public health officials give the all-clear before participating in any of the above activities.

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